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Our Mission

Educating the children of the future. The Mission Tuition Rewards Program offers a real, tangible economic advantage to all members of society, irrespective of financial capacity. The program provides members the opportunity to earn cash rebates with daily purchases from participating community businesses and nationally recognized merchants who contribute to the designated child's educational savings account. The Mission Tuition Rewards provides parents and family members the option to contribute to either a tax free 529 educational trust account or to your child's Mission Tuition Educational Omnibus Account if they so choose.

Education in America, from its inception, has been based on the premise that a Democracy can only be effective and successful if its populace is educated. Based on that premise, the educational systems in the United States were developed with the promise that every child has the right and the opportunity to achieve the education he or she needs to reach their potential, and to make a meaningful contribution to their society and their Democracy.

In recent decades, the educational system in the United States has fallen behind because of the ever-spiraling cost of college and because children are less and less able to get the financing they need. Therefore, a large number of students are increasingly unable to keep up with the extraordinary advances in technology, or to be intelligently aware of the issues of the democracy they live in and to contribute meaningfully to the emerging world society. Access to higher education is becoming increasingly more expensive and sometimes clogged at administrative levels.

For the American economy to prosper over the long term, and have the funds to provide for and develop the minds and lives of its children to their potential, Americans must re-discover the ability to save. Any economy is bolstered and cemented by its overall savings. However, in the era of credit, savings have become ever more negligible for the bulk of Americans. The credit to savings ratio of most American households with children has become ever more lopsided. For many children, depending on less-than-adequate funding programs for increasingly expensive higher education costs has become a reality.

The need for financial vehicles that assist parents in their savings efforts to secure their child's future educational opportunities is obvious. It is an idea whose time has come. Americans want to improve their children's educational opportunities, but they need new, simple to use, uncomplicated approaches to achieve the savings and to fund these efforts. All parents want their children to succeed, and college is an essential part in helping them reach their potential. The Mission Tuition Rewards Program provides an easy way for all families to save and invest for college. It's simply brilliant.