College Savings

Use Mission Tuition to Start a College Savings Program for Your Child's Education.

Sign up today and let America's leading retailers help you save for college. The process is simple. When you sign up your name, e-mail account and address, we automatically open a college savings account for you.

The cost of college, projected to grow a compounded 4-5% per year well into the next decade, will force household-critical financial decisions and potentially jeopardize assets and retirement savings.

Mission Tuition can help a family save for their child's future educational needs with everyday purchases. All of your favorite retailers make up the largest retail coalition in America with thousands of contributing merchants offering savings both In-Store and On-line. You can save on dinning, travel, shopping, groceries and entertainment.

When you sign up with Mission Tuition, we automatically open a college savings account for you. Use Mission Tuition regularly to save hundreds of dollars every month. Get coupons and discount on products and services for immediate savings. When you shop on-line you'll save money and earn rebates. Mission Tuition will then deposit these cash rebates directly into your college savings account for your child.

So, save money now and save for college too!

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