Education Fund

Let Mission Tuition Create An Education Fund for Your Children.

The Mission Tuition provides the opportunity for a family to "shop and save for college" daily, with virtually every typical household, grocery, dining or lifestyle item available through the largest retail coalition in America with thousands of contributing merchants.

The process to join is simple. Just sign up with your name, e-mail account and address. Then, we automatically open an education fund account for you.

When you shop in person, online or with your Mission Tuition card, you'll save money and earn rebates. Mission Tuition will deposit cash reward rebates directly into this college savings account.

So, save money now and save for college too -- get the sales discount offered on products or services, along with cash rebates that are deposited into your education fund.

Furthermore, we encourage our members to open a new "529" account; and then transfer their accrued savings into this state sanctioned, tax deferred education fund for maximum economic benefit. Just let us know where you want the money transferred and we take care of the rest.

With Mission Tuition, you can save for all of your family's educational needs.

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