How it Works

With Mission Tuition, your everyday shopping with retailers and brands you know and trust can help you save for your child's education.

The Process is Simple, and it's Totally FREE.

When you sign up with our easy enrollment, we automatically open an educational savings account for you. Shop on-line at Mission Tuition and the advertised rebate from each of our retailers goes directly into your savings account. You can use any of your existing debit or credit cards to make purchases. If your favorite card earns miles or points, you receive them in addition to Mission Tuition's cash rebates to double your benefits with every purchase.

Setting Up Your Account

It's simple! Once you provide your information you'll have a Wells Fargo "educational savings account" sitting within the Mission Tuition Omnibus account managed by Wells Fargo, where all earned rebates go directly into your account. If you would like to also open a state 529 tax deferred college savings account for your child... You can review your state's college savings plan here.

Accessing Your Funds

When you're ready to access your savings, simply let us know and we'll take care of the rest. You can request a check to withdraw funds, or tell us where you would like the money transferred. Only you have access to your funds. If you already have a state 529 tax deferred college savings plan. Just notify us and we'll send you a check to deposit into your active 529 account.

Sign Up Today to Get Started.

Once you've become a member we make saving easy. You can also print out valuable coupons for in-store discounts on dining, groceries, shopping and entertainment. Simply log in, select your favorite store and start saving.

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