Setting Goals

How much do you need to save? This calculator can help you to understand what the actual cost of tuition will be when your child is ready for college:

Saving Early

College tuition rates increase every year. Dedicating a small amount of your monthly budget to college savings can help to off set the rising costs. Click here to learn how much you'll need to be putting away:

College Savings Plans

Mission Tuition will help you to open a 529 College Savings Plan. You can use the money you save in your 529 at any college or university, anywhere in the country. The plans differ from state to state but all are free from federal tax. You might also consider a Prepaid College Tuition Plan to help lock in tuition rates and avoid rising costs. Click below to learn more about 529 Savings Plans and the opportunities available in your state.

Include Your Children in the Planning

Planning for college is a responsibility that your whole family shares. Including your children in the discussion can help them to understand the full cost of their education and the value of planning for the future. The link below contains information about paying for college in a format meant for your children.