Save for College

To save enough money for your child's college education you need to make a plan and start early. Mission Tuition can help you with both.

When you sign up we give you the flexibility to open a new 529 College Savings Account, deposit funds in an existing 529 account or simply hold your savings in your Mission Tuition / Wells Fargo account. Now, when you shop on-line or in person, you'll save money.

The Plan

A 529 plan is a tax-advantaged investment plan designed to encourage saving for a designated beneficiary's future higher education expenses. The plans are administered by state agencies and organizations and are named after Section 529 of the Internal Revenue Code. This is all a very complicated way of saying you can feel confident in saving money for your child's education with one of these accounts.

A 529 savings plan is better than a typical savings account because when you withdraw money for qualified education expenses, it is free from federal income tax. Even better, many states follow suit, so you may not have to pay any state taxes on the money either. You can learn more about available 529 Plans and any restrictions that apply here: 529 Account Information

You don't need a 529 to take advantage of the savings. You can use your Mission Tuition account to hold your rebates for funding education. When you're ready to access the money just let us know.

Starting Early

Once you've signed up for Mission Tuition the dollars you spend at your favorite stores help you to save for your child's education. We've built a coalition of thousands of merchants nationwide. When you shop with our merchants you SAVE. Shop online and your cash rebates are deposited into your educational savings account.

Different merchants offer savings opportunities of up to 50% of your total purchase. Also, when you shop in-person, you receive their advertised discount on the spot. So every time you shop you can be sure you're also preparing for the future.